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Our Story

pee-CANs, pee-KAHNs, puh-KAHNs

Evie’s Snacks was inspired by my mom Nora’s experimentation in the kitchen using the pecans my dad Bob had grown. She often used classic pecan desserts as the foundation for her recipes, but took it beyond – sometimes way beyond. We’re continuing in that spirit – pairing new spices, glazes, and seasonings and putting a modern spin on pecans. 

My Dad and Me

For the past 20+ years, my dad Bob has been on a mission to grow the absolute best pecans that nature could provide. My mom Nora was often experimenting with fun new ways she could incorporate nuts into her cooking. I created Evie’s Snacks to carry on our family’s passion for this underestimated nut and create pecan snacks that’ll make you say “oooooh.”

Our Story
  • "The sweet & salty pecans with vanilla ice cream might be my new fav dessert." - Will N.

    Sweet & Salty Pecans 
  • “This is the ultimate snack for a post-dinner sweet treat!” – Carolyn H.

    Banana Bread Pecans 
  • “Not too sweet, the right amount of cinnamon, and the perfect CRUNCH.” – Ashley B.

    Churro Pecans 
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