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We believe in showcasing the Power of the Pecan, so we don’t sugar coat it like our competitors do! Packed with micronutrients and healthy fats, our Roasted Pecans have only 1-6g of total sugars per serving to keep you satisfied without any of the guilt.

Our roasted pecans are twice-baked then packaged immediately so they stay fresh and crunchy! We put a “Best By” date on every bag so you can make sure the flavor still hits juuuuust right! Once you’ve opened the bag, we recommend enjoying your Roasted Pecans within 3 weeks for maximum freshness. (But the bag is usually gone waaaaay before then, anyway!)

Our Organic, Raw Pecans have a shelf life of up to 3 months if stored at room temperature. Want to keep them a bit longer? We recommend sticking them in the refrigerator and they’ll keep for 6-9 months, or in the freezer for up to 2 years. Pecans can also be frozen and thawed as many times as you want without loss of flavor or texture!

Pecans are a tree nut. Hence all of our products (Roasted Pecans, Raw Pecans) contain tree nuts (pecans). Our Brown Butter Rum Pecans contain milk and soy (we add brown butter so that it has a super buttery flavor)!

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We sure do! Email us at hello@eviessnacks.com or check us out on Faire! We also sell raw pecans wholesale (certified organic and conventional). 30 lbs boxes available for use in bakeries, bulk sections, and more. Interested in food service size bags? Email to learn more!

All of our pecans are sourced from our co-founder, Eve’s, family’s farm in South Texas. The farms are located in Crystal City and Quemado, Texas. Learn more about Our Story here.